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Frequency conversion feedback equipment manufacturers remind you: in order to further implement the national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy and achieve the targets of energy-saving and emission-reduction, the energy saving of small and medium-sized motors is a major issue faced by the cement industry, and it is also a new opportunity for the development of the cement industry.

Current situation of domestic motors and energy saving

  status quo

At present, there are three series of three-phase asynchronous motors for small and medium-sized motors in my country: Y, Y2 and Y3. At present, most of the motors equipped with the process equipment of the cement plant are such asynchronous motors.

In 1985, the Y series three-phase asynchronous motor and its derivatives were vigorously promoted, with a power range from 0.55kW to 250kW. After introducing and digesting the technology of Westinghouse Company of America and BBC Company of Switzerland, Y series 6kV medium-sized high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor has been developed by itself, with a power range from 220kW to 2800kW. With the advancement of my country's power technology, the grid voltage has risen from 6kV to 10kV, and 10kV series of high-voltage asynchronous motors have been developed one after another, and a novel box-type structure is adopted. Such high-voltage motors currently occupy the leading position in the domestic medium and high-voltage motor market.

In 1996, my country developed the Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor, with a power range from 0.12kW to 315kW. This series of motors not only greatly reduces the no-load noise, but also effectively suppresses the load noise.

In 2003, Y3 series three-phase asynchronous motors were launched one after another. These motors are formed by cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, and their energy consumption has reached the limit of energy consumption in GB18163-2002 "Limited Values of Energy Efficiency and Energy-Saving Evaluation Values of Small and Medium-sized Three-phase Asynchronous Motors". Relevant regulations, its main performance indicators have also reached the current international advanced level.

According to GB18613-2006 "Limited Values of Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Grades for Small and Medium-Sized Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors", my country divides the energy efficiency of motors into three grades.

The high-efficiency motor process is formed by optimizing the design and using high-quality materials, and its energy consumption can be reduced by about 20% on average.

The energy consumption of ultra-high-efficiency motors is more than 30% energy saving than that of ordinary motors, and it can save electricity for enterprises throughout the production cycle.


Development Trend of Electric Motor Energy Saving in Cement Plant

PF Universal Feedback Unit
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