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Elevator energy Saving and Industrial Energy Saving Provider

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Company Profile

Shenzhen IPC Technology was established in May 2003, specializing in oil field inverters, hoisting inverters, elevator energy-saving devices, feedback units, braking units, crane and mine hoist electrical control systems, pumping unit intelligent control systems, It is a high-tech enterprise and a dual-soft enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of products and systems such as oil drilling electrical control systems. The product voltage levels cover 200V, 400V, 690V, 1140V, and the product power range covers 0.4kW ~ 3MW, which can meet the needs of various The application needs of the high-end, mid-end and low-end markets.

The company always follows the principle of harmony between human beings and nature, and the products do not pollute the environment or the power grid. The product equipment is characterized by technical specialization and simplified use. All products run through four tenets, namely high efficiency, automation, specialization and green environmental protection. All products adopt cutting-edge technology and design concepts, and fully integrate artificial intelligence.

The global economic integration and the continuous, healthy and rapid development of China's economy have brought unprecedented development opportunities to Caneng. In the new historical opportunity period, Caneng is willing to join hands with all friends to create a better future.

In 2003, IPC was established, and IPC-DR series braking unit came out; and developed MD oilfield special frequency converter

In 2005, IPC developed an elevator energy-saving device

In 2010, IPC developed a digital feedback

In 2011, IPC developed the special "vector" inverter PH7 for hoisting; at the same time, it developed "crane electric control system" and "pumping unit intelligent electric control system PUS" to provide customers with overall solutions in the industry

In 2012, IPC developed the "oil rig electrical control system RIG"; at the same time, it developed the "special controller for cranes"

In 2013, IPC developed "PDA braking unit and PSG parallel energy feedback unit"

In 2015, IPC developed the elevator star elevator energy-saving device (one tow multiple elevators)

In 2017, IPC developed an elevator emergency power supply with power generation function

We are specializes in oilfield-specific inverters, hoisting-specific inverters, elevator energy-saving devices, feedback units, braking units, crane and mine hoist electrical control systems, and pumping unit intelligent control systems , oil rig electric control system