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IPC-DR series braking unit is a low-cost and high-performance braking product. This series of energy-consuming braking units can release the regenerative electric energy generated in the process of motor speed regulation through braking resistors to generate sufficient braking power. Dynamic torque to ensure the normal operation of the inverter and other equipment.

⒈Sturdy and durable, with complete short-circuit protection, the inverter will not be damaged due to short-circuit of resistance.

⒉ Special design, using ordinary resistors, no need to choose non-inductive resistors.

⒊Automatic tracking of full voltage, users do not need to adjust the voltage setting.

⒋Full frequency range noise filtering, will not interfere with other equipment.

DR 制动单元

At present, it has been widely used in frequency conversion speed regulation of CNC machine tools, elevators, centrifuges, cranes, mine hoists and other machinery, and can be used with all frequency converters.

  • IPC-DR series braking unit

IPC-DR series braking unit

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