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Development Trend of Electric Motor Energy Saving in Cement Plant

Frequency conversion feedback equipment manufacturers remind you: in order to further implement the national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy and achieve the targets of energy-saving and emission-reduction, the energy saving of small and medium-sized motors is a major issue faced by the cement industry, and it is also a new opportunity for the development of the cement industry.

Current situation of domestic motors and energy saving

  status quo

At present, there are three series of three-phase asynchronous motors for small and medium-sized motors in my country: Y, Y2 and Y3. At present, most of the motors equipped with the process equipment of the cement plant are such asynchronous motors.

In 1985, the Y series three-phase asynchronous motor and its derivatives were vigorously promoted, with a power range from 0.55kW to 250kW. After introducing and digesting the technology of Westinghouse Company of America and BBC Company of Switzerland, Y series 6kV medium-sized high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor has been developed by itself, with a power range from 220kW to 2800kW. With the advancement of my country's power technology, the grid voltage has risen from 6kV to 10kV, and 10kV series of high-voltage asynchronous motors have been developed one after another, and a novel box-type structure is adopted. Such high-voltage motors currently occupy the leading position in the domestic medium and high-voltage motor market.

In 1996, my country developed the Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor, with a power range from 0.12kW to 315kW. This series of motors not only greatly reduces the no-load noise, but also effectively suppresses the load noise.

In 2003, Y3 series three-phase asynchronous motors were launched one after another. These motors are formed by cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, and their energy consumption has reached the limit of energy consumption in GB18163-2002 "Limited Values of Energy Efficiency and Energy-Saving Evaluation Values of Small and Medium-sized Three-phase Asynchronous Motors". Relevant regulations, its main performance indicators have also reached the current international advanced level.

According to GB18613-2006 "Limited Values of Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Grades for Small and Medium-Sized Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors", my country divides the energy efficiency of motors into three grades.

The high-efficiency motor process is formed by optimizing the design and using high-quality materials, and its energy consumption can be reduced by about 20% on average.

The energy consumption of ultra-high-efficiency motors is more than 30% energy saving than that of ordinary motors, and it can save electricity for enterprises throughout the production cycle.