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PH7 special frequency converter for lifting lifting industry has a number of design patents, extraordinary low frequency output capability, 0HZ output torque can reach 180%; professional brake release sequence logic control, effectively prevent "slip hook"; perfect dynamic And the static self-learning function can effectively exert the control characteristics of any motor.

1. Strong low frequency torque output: 0Hz/180%

2.Professional hold and release brake sequence control, effectively prevent "slip hook"

3. Perfect dynamic/static self-learning function to maximize the performance of the motor

4. Powerful communication functions, supporting mainstream communication protocols such as MODBUS, Profibus, Canbus, etc.

5. Multiple control modes: V/f, with PG V/f, without PG vector, with PG vector

6. Realize soft start, soft stop and speed control process control

Small starting current, stable speed, reliable performance, small impact on the power grid, can realize arbitrary speed adjustment and closed-loop control operation

7. Built-in regenerative braking unit, which can feed regenerative electric energy back to the grid. The built-in reactor and filter can be directly connected to the power grid, and the energy feedback efficiency is as high as 97%. Compared with general-purpose inverters, it saves 15%~25% more energy, and the heat loss is less than 3% of the resistance braking, reducing the heat source and enhancing the safety system.

8. All-round all-drive, compatible with permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous motor control

9. It has multiple protection functions such as overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overheating, etc., to ensure that the system runs more safely and reliably

PH7 提升起重行业专用变频器

PH7 提升起重行业专用变频器

  • PH7 frequency converter for lifting lifting industry

PH7 frequency converter for lifting lifting industry

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