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PGC machine tool energy-saving brake is a specially customized product for machine tool energy-saving feedback. Its main function is to brake the machine tool mechanical energy to generate electricity, save energy, and cool down. The comprehensive energy saving rate is as high as 30%~60%.

PGC machine tool energy-saving brake is an energy-saving product for machine tool mechanical energy braking and power generation. It adopts advanced algorithm to realize complete sine wave energy feedback. It can feed back the mechanical energy generated in the process of machine tool speed regulation (frequent and rapid acceleration and deceleration control of the machine tool) to the power grid, avoiding the energy loss caused by the use of conventional energy-consuming braking resistors, thereby achieving the effect of energy saving. Compatible with all brands of frequency converters at the same time, the comprehensive mechanical energy conversion efficiency is as high as 97%, and the operation is simple and can be directly connected to the power grid without causing interference to the power grid and surrounding electrical equipment.

1. Maximum mechanical energy braking power: 12KW;

2. The efficiency of mechanical energy conversion to electrical energy is as high as 70%~95%;

3. The comprehensive energy saving rate is as high as 30%~60%;

4. Output power quality: three-phase voltage and current pure sine wave, THD < 5% @ 100% load, to ensure clean power output;

5. Response time: 10ms (0.01 seconds);

6. Adapter motor system: spindle motor system, servo motor system;

7. Limit downtime: 0.3 seconds;

8. Normal downtime: 1-4 seconds;

9. Adapter grid: 340V-460V, 50/60HZ, three-phase;

10. Using the automatic phase sequence identification technology, the phase sequence of the three-phase power grid can be connected at will, and there is no need to manually distinguish the phase sequence;

11. It can automatically escape from the fault to ensure the normal operation of the inverter without changing the original control mode of the inverter;

12. Using a variety of original technologies, compatible with all brands of frequency converters;

13. Adopt integrated structure design, built-in reactor and filter, plug and play, users do not need to purchase separately;

14. Safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards: EN6001, EN50178-1997, EN12015-2004, EN12016-2004, EN61000


Application: Machine tool mechanical energy can brake to generate electricity, save energy, and cool down. It is suitable for various motor speed regulation and braking occasions.

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PGC machine tool energy saving brake

Needle Roller Bearing
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