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Thin Wall Bearing

PDA series braking unit, simple operation, high reliability, can be used with all frequency converters. It is widely used in frequency conversion and speed regulation of CNC machine tools, elevators, centrifuges, cranes, mine hoists and other machinery.

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1. The world's first, built-in CPU, realizes digital control, and improves the stability by 60%

PDA series products adopt precise software algorithm, cooperate with high-speed CPU, realize complete digital control, and reduce the application of a large number of components. Compared with the braking unit controlled by analog circuit, the stability and reliability of PDA series products are improved by more than 60%.

2. Select IGBT and radiator according to the American UL standard, which is safer and more reliable

PDA series products strictly follow the American UL safety standards, select high-quality IGBTs and radiators, and set up four protection methods of overheating, overcurrent, short circuit and overvoltage, which are safer and more reliable.

3. High-standard production technology creates higher-quality brake units

Every industrial design of PDA series products has undergone repeated consideration. In order to meet the needs of various complex working conditions, the characteristics of various top components are fully utilized, and the internal structure is continuously optimized to ensure the stability, reliability and high-quality products of the products. user experience.

4. Humanized design, adding normally open and normally closed alarm contacts

Fully considering the user's needs, the user does not need to modify the circuit design, and can directly connect the alarm device, which is convenient for the user's system design and monitoring.

5. Simple selection, no need for complicated calculation

Based on 12 years of electrical design and application experience, our reliable braking unit selection method allows users to purchase the correct product without complicated and tedious calculations.


  • PDA series braking unit

PDA series braking unit

Thin Wall Bearing
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