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IPC Shenzhen is the branch company of IPC Canada, founded in May 2003, specialized  in elevator energy-saving device,dynamic brake unit, Regenerated braking unit,  oil drilling products and systems R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of high-tech enterprises and Software Enterprise Products,the voltage class covers 200V, 400V, 690V, 1140V, power range covering 0.4kW ~ 3MW, can meet all kinds of high, medium and low-end market demand.

Our product is designed by R&D in Canada and assembled by Factory in Shenzhen China.Our products cover 200V400V690V1140V , power from 0.4kW3MW, meet different market requirement and widely exported to Hongkong, Mexico, Chile,Germany, United Kingdom and so on.

IPC History

2003 founded, the first brake unit and Oilfield Inverter Came out.

2005,the first elevator energy saving device came out

2010,the first digital feedback unit came out

2011,developed Mine hoist ,oil pumping unit,became  power saving solution provider inChina

2012,developed Oil drilling control system,hoist inverter

2013,developed universal feedback system to replace the dynamic brake unit

Product Catalogue

Dynamic brake unit

Elevator energy Saving unit

Heavy Load energy saving unit

Beam Pumping inverter

Hoist Inverter

Universal power feedback unit

Power Saving solution

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