Regenerated Braking Unit RBU


PSG series sine wave energy feedback device is manufactured by IPC technology, simple operation, high reliability, fit for all kinds of inverter VVVF. Widely used in CNC machine tools, elevators, centrifuge, cranes, hoists and other machinery for mining frequency control occasions, can completely replace the resistor braking, reduced by more than 60% of the installation space, remove the heat-generating components, saving up to 50% full output sine, feedback clean energy, energy conversion efficiency up to 97.5%, is the world's most energy-efficient energy feedback devices.

Regenerative Braking Unit

Brief Introduction:

BPFH heavy load energy saving unit use the high efficiency feedback device, can return the renewable  energy from the motor

speed governing to  the power grid, therefore can have outstanding energy saving.

BPFH have Full voltage automatic tracking and Zero current technology, can improve the current quality when current is over zero,

improve the  heavy  load system stability and the power factor.

BPFH can save up to 30% energy and do not change any working condition.

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