Built-in Elevator Energy Solution

EM01 is designed for some built-in elevator energy saving solution.

The size is smaller and main body can be separated with connection box, so that can easily replace the main body .

The efficiency is up to 97% and Stand by power is 5W, it is the best choice to replace dynamic braking unit and apply

built-in elevator energy saving solution

Elevator Energy Saving unit power saver

Brief Introduction:

PFE elevator energy saving Device is applicated for elevator, collect the renewable energy from the elevator operation, and return to the power grid and recycle,save up to 20-45% energy.

PFE elevator energy saving Device do not change the elevator original control system, as additional accessories to double ensure elevator operate safely and save energy.

PFE elevator energy saving Device is widely tested and approved by national elevator Quality testing center,Guangdong Special equipment testing center and so on, CE approved.

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Elevator Energy Saving Elevator Star support 6 Elevators

1.    PFK is newly designed elevator energy saving device based on PFE

2.    PFK have all the functions and advantages

3.     PFK is integrated regeneration, more safe and reliable, lifespan is up to 10 years.

4.    PFK is based on each elevator operation room, centralized control,regeneration together, much more higher efficiency

5.    PFK do not reply on current branch power grid, can connect to the third branch power grid, more reliable and safe, 100% isolation from elevator and regenerated energy, 100% ensure elevator safety

6.    Integrated system, One PFK can support max 6 elevators, highly reduce the installation space, and ensure there is no impact between different elevators nearby, more reliable.

Escalator Energy Saving unit

Our PSG2 Series Escalator Energy Saving unit is specially designed for escalator energy saving use.

It have small size and digital control, plug and play products.

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