Beam Pumping Unit Inverter VFD

Oil pumping machine Saver Save 30% Energy

Brief Introduction:

PMD Beam Pumping Unit Inverter and control unit is designed based on beam pumping technology, which can save the energy markedly , already been used in many oil field since 2003

BPMD make the pumping unit  soft start and stop, stabilization, less impaction,and have little start  current,stable speed and reliable and little surge For the  power grid, can control the up and down at any speed and close-loop control,The user can decide the pumping unit Stroke,speed, liquid production according to the oil field  liquid level,pressure, save the energy and improve the efficiency, reduce the equipment wear and extend the equipment life.

PMD can save up to 20%-40% energy according to several oil field control center detecting, and widely    used in the oil field in China

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