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IPC PFE Unit Energy saving Principle

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IPC PFE Unit  Energy saving Principle

The Elevator with frequency inverter has the maximum mechanical kinetic power when it reaches the maximum operating speed. Before arriving at the target floor, the elevator will gradually slow down until it stops.During the processs, the elevator tractor releases the brake mechanical energy.

In addition, the elevator is a potential energy load. In order to drive the load evenly, the load driven by the tractor is composed of passenger car is about 50%(About 7 persons in 1 ton passenger elevator);otherwise, the passenger car and the counterweight will produce mass difference,making the elevator produce the mechanical potential energy during its running(The empty elevator runs down under heavy load and run up under light load)

The redundant mechanical energy(Including potential energy and kinetic energy) during the running of the elevator us transferred into the DC electric energy by the motor and the inverter, and the DC energy is stored  in the capacitor is not released in time, the overvoltage fault will occur, which will stop the inverter and the elevator will not run normally.After adopting the elevator energy regenerative device, the elevator can effectively convert the DC stored in the capacitor into the AC,which can be feedback to the power grid,and avoiding the shortcoming of low system efficiency and high environment temperature caused by the using of energy consumption resistor.

This is the main saving principle.

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