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KONE delivers next-generation elevator energy efficiency

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An elevator can account for 2–10% of a building’s total energy consumption. In green building projects, every kWh that can be saved counts. KONE is an eco-efficiency pioneer – we have been utilizing energy-saving regenerative drives in our elevators for more than 20 years, and we were the first company to introduce them. Today, KONE continues to lead the way in eco-efficient solutions, with regenerative solutions available for our full range of elevators.

What is a regenerative drive?

  • KONE’s regenerative drive converts the excess energy generated by an elevator into electricity that can be reused elsewhere in the building. With conventional drives, this energy is converted into heat, which then needs to be removed from the building by air conditioning systems.
  • A regenerative drive has a substantial impact on an elevator’s energy consumption and is, therefore, a must-have feature when selecting an eco-efficient elevator for a green building

What are the benefits?

  • When combined with a KONE EcoDisc® motor, a KONE regenerative drive can cut elevator energy consumption by 20-35% on average, depending on building height and elevator speed.
  • In certain conditions, for example when there is heavy traffic with full cars, this solution can deliver as much as a 60% reduction in energy consumption.
  • KONE’s regenerative solution is highly efficient and eliminates the need to remove heat load created by drive or braking resistors from the building.
  • The regenerative drive produces clean, safe energy.

How does it work?

  • When an elevator car is descending with a heavy load or ascending with a light load, it contains potential energy.
  • The regenerative drive recovers this energy and converts it into electricity for re-use in:
    • the electricity network
    • other elevators and escalators
    • other equipment that requires power
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